What is Functional Training?

March 15, 2017

Functional Means Something has a Purpose

Functional Training just not just mean sport specific. Functional training originates from sports therapy. Exercises used in rehab were the same exercises used to prevent injuries. They were also the same exercises used in the athletic environment and they are similar to movements we perform every day.

The aim of strength and conditioning is to get you fitter, faster, stronger and healthier. Whether that being to prevent or recover from injury or for a sporting environment. It’s training that teaches you to cope with every day life with some little changes depending on the sport you play.



Functional Training works

Sports Performers

How many sports are played sitting down?
Not many other than rowing, etc

How many sports have stability provided?

None…. stability is provided by the athlete. This is why machine based training is not functional. The load gets stabilised by the machine and not the athlete

How many sport skills are performed in isolation?

Zero…. Sporting and Functional Training involves multi joint exercises and movements. Multi joint movements are specific for sport. Isolation Exercises have a place in body building but not Functional training for sports.


Gym wrexham mma fitness weight loss

Train Movements not Muscles

Three point extension

Why Functional Training?

It makes sense. Functional Training is growing and machine based work is on the decline. Now you can buy foam rollers and Kettle-bells from Tesco. Gyms now have Astro Turf in and lifting platforms rather than weighted machines and running machines.

At certain times muscles groups that require stability may need to be isolated:
– deep abdominals
– core, muscles and joints around the hips
– scapular stabilisers

These get isolated to improve their function. This is where mobility comes into play. Programmes should involve multi joint exercises performed standing, but attention should be paid towards mobility and and the key stability groups.

Training is tool to improve your vehicle in more ways than just Strength and looks. Number one goal of strength and conditioning is injury prevention.


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