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MMA BJJ Wrexham

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Tuesdays & Thursdays

Classes Descriptions:


Muay Thai Boxing

The word muay derives from the Sanskrit mavya; “Boxing”. Muay Thai is often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science Of Eight Limbs” because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight points of contact.

IPC welcomes all levels to its Muay Thai Boxing programme. Our Muay Thai coach Alan Davies work together to offer a friendly and welcoming class that can cater for all abilities whether you just want to learn the sport to get fit or compete. Our curriculum at IPC focuses on technique with both coaches paying attention to detail.

Muay Thai Boxing classes have a specific Thai Boxing warm-up at a good pace to get participants warm and help develop technique. In the classes you will be shown how to kick, punch and use knees and elbows effectively. You will increase your fitness whilst learning combinations, consistency, tempo, technical sparring, and safety as you progress through each session. Combinations can be practiced on the pads, bags or drilled on each other in technical situations. Partners will be paired depending on ability, weight and experience. Sparring at the end of the class is optional.

Children’s Ninja Movement Class

Our Ninja Movement Class is a session aimed to be fun where Children get to move and practice certain movements keeping them mobile and fit. They will get to play, move and learn basic movement patterns such as squatting and press-ups in a safe environment with our talented coaching team. By taking part in this class they will become faster, more agile and mobile as well as developing strength,co-ordination, flexibility and fitness.


Kettle-bell and Bodyweight Conditioning

The kettle-bell is a fantastic tool to use for functional movement patterns and co-ordination. The constant change in gravity from the weight allows you to train to be in total control of your body. The fundamental movement patterns you can use with a kettle-bell will help you from everyday activities to complicated sporting techniques. You learn to use your body as a whole using many muscle groups and joints. The exercises that can be performed with a kettle-bell can attack and strengthen every muscle. Exercises with the kettle-bell will help improve your posture, making every day movements easier and develop functional strength as you train the body to function as a whole. This session will give you a full body workout where the intensity and complexity is based around your skill level so it is aimed at every level. Beginners will focus on technique until this has been achieved and then be able to progress into movement circuits involving kettle-bell and bodyweight movements improving all aspects of strength and conditioning.

Flexibility and Mobility Session

Good posture is ears over the shoulders, shoulders over the hips, and hips over the knee’s and ankles

In the athletic world flexibility and mobility is the key component to injury reduction and longevity, for everyone the ability to move your body in the manner to which it was designed with a full range of movement will have a positive impact. So many people training neglect this aspect.

The IPC  session uses basic yoga and stretches taken from all sports to give you the opportunity to get your body moving and working functional. Flexibility and mobility is vital to reducing injuries whether involved in a sport or dealing with the effects of wearing high heels.


Inspire Conditioning

IPC currently offers two choices of anaerobic conditioning. One aimed at the beginner and fitness enthusiast, and one at the serious trainer and athlete. Both Classes are aimed at making you fitter, faster and stronger. Exercises are functional involving movement patterns to take you to a whole new level.


Inspire ConditioningBlue/Battleropes/Kettlebell

Low/Moderate intensity

Our beginner’s session involves bodyweight exercise, with no weight load bearing exercises, its function is to get you able to use your own bodyweight in certain movements to not only give you a good cardiovascular session but also good full body functional movement. The only time weights are used are for functional kettle-bell work.

You will get ample rest in the session and constant feedback on your technique, as well plenty of fun with the session comprising of individual and paired exercises.

Inspire Conditioning  Monday/Wednesday/Saturday Circuits

High Intensity

The High Intensity session is designed to give you a high end anaerobic burn, it involves modified Olympic and Power lifting exercises along with tyre flipping, rope climbing, box jumping, Rowing, running and using a sledgehammer.

An intense session aimed at pushing you to a whole new level. Involving lower rest levels to working volume, you will need to have basic lifting technique and a strong mental state to take on this session and the rewards will be substantial .

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) uses the principles of leverage,technique and mentality to defeat an opponent. This martial-art focuses on grappling and ground fighting, and its philosophy is that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent using leverage and technique. Everybody is welcome to join our team as classes are suitable for women and men of any age who are eager to learn. Our classes at IPC have a friendly atmosphere that welcomes new participants to the sport.

Great for self defense and confidence building BJJ is also a very addictive hobby. We ensure a technique based learning environment with the opportunity to compete and achieve a grading under Lead Coach Aaron Aby a student of Blackbelt and UFC veteran Jason Tan and himself a purple belt. IPC’s BJJ curriculum is based around technique’s that are suitable for sport and life in a learning environment that is scientific.

BJJ classes at IPC are both No-gi and Gi so participants have the option to learn both disciplines from our coaches. Techniques are broken down and explained in detail in steps for everyone to understand. Situational sparring drills will take place to help practice the techniques which have been taught in the class.

Beginners MMA

The beginners’ class combines basic movements with the techniques required for MMA.

Striking ,wrestling, grappling and submission are extensively covered in the friendly, comfortably paced learning environment. We provide a strong foundation in these areas by using consistent

repetition as the main training tool. A basic level of fitness is needed, as the class is structured at a low to moderate intensity. A great place to start your MMA journey.



This class provides the optimum support for the more experienced MMA student. An advanced understanding of the basic techniques, movements and principles involved in MMA will help you progress to the level necessary to fight competitively. Techniques are learnt along with counters and defensive movements to ensure a complete game is achieved. The Inspire Fight Team has progressed to become one of the best in the UK with two British amateur champions who started in our beginners class.



Wrestling at IPC welcomes all abilities and levels whether you want to , compete or learn the sport as a hobby. Aaron Aby and Nick Jones teach the disciplines of both Greco Roman Wrestling and Free-style wrestling aimed towards MMA. At IPC our wrestling curriculum is focused on technique.

Wrestling is an Olympic sport and its profile has been raised significantly following London 2012. The aim of wrestling is to pin your opponent’s shoulders to the ground: our wrestling class will start with wrestling based drills as a warm-up that focus on correct technique. Students will then be paired depending on weight, ability and experience. IPC welcomes all levels; different abilities will learn different techniques to suit individual levels. The class will usually end on controlled optional sparring and wrestling games where learnt techniques can be practised.

Wrestling is an essential part to MMA fighters overall game, as it can help a fighter control his opponent with takedowns and positioning. Wrestling at IPC is fun and a great way to build strength and endurance.

Children’s Fundamentals Training:

This session will be aimed at 5-10 year olds with the objective being to promote a healthy lifestyle teaching them the core fundamentals of physical and mental activity in a safe environment that can challenge the children.

The skills the children will learn will promote healthy every day living and they will be able to use and make practical in any form of activity and sport they do. The skills they will be learning will have a crossover into all forms of physical activities and sports but will also teach them healthy habits and give them benefits that reach beyond the physical.

We will be teaching core movements, as well as agility, co-ordination, speed, balance, flexibility, mobility and body control keeping them mobile and active. We have created a framework of the fundamental aspects of physical activity to help develop the children at an important time of their development. We aim to improve motor coordination and skills and help build a heathy body and mind.

Getting the Children in a gym environment will help promote healthy living and good habits.

Studies have proven to show that children that exercise have:

Better self images

Stronger muscles, bones and joints

A Healthier Bodyweight

Better attendance in school and higher academic performance

Less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.


IPC Barbell and Dumbbell Club

IPC Barbell and Dumbbell  Club aims to bring people together with the shared appreciation for Olympic lifting, weight training and improving physical performance. The aim is to develop and improve with the help of others. Whether it’s simply to improve health and fitness, or to compete in athletic competition, developing strength and discipline are core values of the Club in a team environment where you can all develop together.

The club works by different members in different fields providing 4-6 weeks programmes for the team to come in and perform together. Workouts are planned for you all you have to do is turn up. The aim is to provide structure and progression to your training so you can improve. Sometimes you stick to what you are good at or struggle for new training programmes and ideas. This is now all taken care of for you.

Your team members will help encourage and push you to become even better. Strength in numbers, it’s like training with a team of workout partners!

Exercises may differ depending on technical ability but a coach will be on hand to analyse and structure your programme around your ability. Barbell Clubs will be based around Fundamental barbell movements such as the squat, deadlift, clean, and snatch. Technique will be taught so you can learn how to lift correctly. Dumbbell club will be based around dumbbell movements and exercises.


Running Club

IPC Running Club will take your running to the next level. Scheduled runs with a coach and a team where you can work together to increase the distance and speed in which you run.

The aim is to develop and improve with the help of others. Whether it’s simply to improve health and fitness, or to compete in athletic competition, developing is the  core value of the Club in a team environment where you can all develop together. No more picking random miles out of the air or random paces our team will help guide you and work with you to reach your goals.


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