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IPC has a fundamental belief in athlete welfare, as has been stated by respected Mma coach Erik Paulson “anyone can break a man, it takes a special man to fix him”. With the ever increasing number of people using gyms for mainstream fitness and physique enhancement the level of poor functional movement and bio-mechanics is at an all time high.

Whether its dealing with the elite athlete or the mainstream gym fanatic here at IPC we have the professionals to fix you.
We can offer you a full functional movement screen which can highlight imbalances in you`re mechanics and provide you with the means to correct them, if your in need of a more substantial assessment an appointment can be offered.

Victoria Evelyn May Joyce BSc (Hons), MSc, ASCC, PGcertHE
Vicky has worked with a number of Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) athletes and Great Britain elite athletes providing Strength and Conditioning, as well as sports rehabilitation. These opportunities provided her with the chance to work with some of the top British athletes and be part of a medical and coaching team during warm weather training camps and on a regular basis at their training facilities.

Whilst working at The London Sports Institute at Middlesex University Vicky ran a Sports Rehabilitation Clinic providing rehabilitation programs to a varied client base. The experience Vicky has been able to gained working with a varied client base from elite athletes, club level athletes, through to normal population. Vicky prides herself on evidence based practice, implementing theoretical knowledge gained from continual professional development and continual research involvement. Vicky is currently undertaking her PhD studies at Salford University, investigating The effects of foot types on lower limb biomechanical loading in athletes. Does a foot type predispose an athlete to greater risk of injury, and contribute to, or diminish performance?

• Fully accredited British Association of Sport Rehabiliators and Trainers (BASRaT) –
• Fully accredited UK Strength and Condition Coach (ASCC) –
• MSc In Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation.
• BSc (Hons) in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention.

Co-author of book chapter:
• E. Abrahamson, V. Hyland., S. Hicks., & C. Koukoullis. Progressive Rehabilitation. In Comfort, P. & Abrahamson, E. Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention. Wiley and Sons. In Press.

Poster Presentation at BASRaT Annual Conference:

• 1st Prize winner for Poster Presentation: Research Title – Postactivation Potentiation and its Effect on Running Economy

Sports Nutrition

IPC and USN the leader in Sports nutrition, Bodybuilding, Weight loss, High Protein and Endurance products supplements have agreed a range of nutritional supplements products specific to IPC.USN draw on the world’s leading scientific research to help athlete`s reach the ultimate in conditioning levels and at the same time enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

These products are available from IPC at a discounted price to our athletes and cover all areas of your training from carbohydrate replacement gels to whey and casein protein supplements.

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