Single Leg Exercises

October 10, 2016

Muscles around the hips, core,lower spine and legs are a base for many strength and conditioning programmes. Hip mobility, strength and control is vital in maximising performance and preventing injury.


Why Single Leg Exercises?

Single Leg exercises are excellent for reducing injury, improving control and the balance of an athlete.

In sports, running, training and life we perform a lot of movements on one leg and don’t aways train movements on one leg? A lot of athletes we work with we make sure single leg exercises are in their programme. There is less load on the spine doing these exercises, more awareness of control over the knee and they improve balance, growth and functional development. We engage the core for these movements to balance and it helps develop strength and control around the hips. A great tool for injury prevention and developing athletic performance.

Here are some of our recommended Exercises. Don’t Train these without learning the correct technique. Speak to one of our team for details on the exercises.


Balance Single Leg

Simple, balance on one leg with your knee in line with your hip. This will help work your stability. To make it harder have your training partner throw you a tennis ball or close your eyes.



Can be used with kettle-bells, dumbbells or a barbell. A great exercise to start your single leg training which involves the core for balance and control. Start with your bodyweight then work up to weights in your hands before putting a bar on your back.


Bulgarian Split Squat

If you have been to one of our circuits you know what a Bulgarian split squat is. Yes its tough but the benefits are huge. By having your foot on a box or a bench it helps to give you that extra stability while your lead leg does all the work. Drop that back knee and don’t let that lead knee go past your toes.


Pistol Squat

One of the toughest exercises to perform. A full squat using only one leg. Form, technique, control and stability are all needed to perform this exercises as well as the mobility in the hip, knee and ankle.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

This exercises require control of your midline to keep the back straight and requires excellent balance and control. This exercise is involved in our movement warm-up sequence and can also be done with a kettlebell. The weight is away from your body so really emphasises core strength to control the movement.

Sport Specific/Plyometrics Movements

As discussed in the introduction a lot of movements are performed on one leg especially in sports. Therefore making our training specific is important. Remember we also want to ask WHY? Why are we performing certain movements.

The Prowler: Actually a single leg exercise where the other leg is used for stability. Great for developing speed and power especially if you have not mastered your squat technique. (see our prowler blog for more details)

Single Leg Hops/bounds: Great for balance and control. Can be used as a plyometric and also makes you think about controlling the landing ready for your next movement. The landing in sports can be where a lot of injuries occur so this exercise helps. Great to be done in front of the mirror.


Skaters: Another exercise used in a lot of our circuits. Working the lateral motion with a single leg. So unlike hops we train the upwards motion, bounds we train the distance and skaters we train the side to side motion.

Sled Drag: This can be performed going forwards and backwards. Again important for sports where we are forced to run backwards at times.

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