Post Workout Shakes

May 11, 2017

Recovering from training is essential and something most people do not focus on. Its just as important as the session itself. A lot of our athletes bring their shakes, snacks to the gym with them ready so as soon as they finish training they can start recovering. The quicker we recover the quicker we can train again, the more we grow, adapt and the more productive the activity has become.

Glycogen Intense activity uses glycogen (carbohydrates,sugar) for fuel. This is your petrol for your car (body).  As you exercise you use your fuel and deplete your glycogen levels. This creates fatigue and if you don’t have enough before training a decrease in athletic performance. Consuming carbohydrates straight after working out will start topping up what you have just used and refilling you gas tank. Fruit is fast to digest and absorb so great to add into your shake for after training. Especially bananas, dates, which are triple sugars or some berries which are anti-inflammatory.

Electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride). Electrolytes are critical for the body. They help the body work properly survive and contribute to fluid balance, muscle (and heart) contraction, and nerve impulses. That why pink salt is so important. Pink Himalayan Salt

contains 84 essential nutrients.  85% of it is sodium chloride and 15% are trace minerals. It also contains magnesium which is a vital nutrient.Himalayan salt promotes a healthy pH balance of the cells and regulates blood sugar levels. Pink salt assists in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells. Therefore it will help regulate your blood after training and add some squeezed lemon into your shake to help bring the body out of an acidic stake and back to an alkaline environment which will also help speed up recovery.

Protein is another macronutrient critical for recovery. Protein is something that takes longer to digest so it is something that needs to be topped up on throughout the day so its already into your system. Plant protein is quicker when it comes to digestion terms so we can add some hemp seeds, hemp protein, spinach, kale into our shake.

Water- the most important. Water is how we survive. Water affects our mood, energy levels, brain function also the efficiency of how our body works. Water affect how many calories we burn, how well we train, recover and perform. Without water we die. Over two-thirds of your body is made of fluid and your level of hydration directly affects recovery. The more dehydrated you are the longer it takes your body to restore to its normal state. When we set we lose water so we must replace our fuel tank.

Easy Options:


Coconut Water with a pinch of pink salt

A Banana

Some Dates



Shake Recipes: Blended

Number One

A Banana

One Handful of Blueberries

One Handful of Raspberries

One Teaspoon of Honey

One Handful of Spinach

One Handful of Kale

One Tablespoon Hemp seeds

sprinkled with pink salt and cinnamon

one tablespoon chia seeds

squeeze some lemon in

250 mil water or 500 mil water

250 mil coconut water or organic almond milk (rude health) optional


Number Two

One Handful of blue berries

one handful of raspberries

one handful of strawberries

three dates (take nut out)

half a banana

handful of spinach, kale, rocket

one tablespoon hemp seeds

one tablespoon chia seeds

1/2 teaspoon pink salt

1 squeezed lemon

500 mil water


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