August 22, 2016

DOMS- The Devil- Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can happen the morning or two after your intense workout. Sometime you can feel great after a workout for 12 sometimes 24 hours after and then BOOM it hits you. It is important after we train we put in the correct steps to reduce muscle soreness and help us recover. 


Post Training Nutrition 

Carbohydrates and sugars are essential to get into the system after a workout so we can top up on what we have just lost in the session. You can make your own pre training shake brought with you ready for as soon as you finish your workout. This can contain, fruits, vegetables and plant protein mixed with water, lemon and pink salt. Lemon helps the body recover from an acidic state, and pink salt will help replace the salt lost during training and keep all the nutrients from the sugars and vegetables. Pink salt, citrus fruits, vegetables will help replace the electrolytes you have lost during the session. 

Then within 60 minutes you can eat a high carbohydrate meal (good carbs, = rice,potato, vegetables, quinoa, buckwheat). This is not an excuse to eat pizza and chocolate. 

Good Warm-up

A good warm-up. Dynamic stretches to warm up and slow static stretches to cool down. When you cool down from an intense workout their is already muscle breakdown so try not to stretch over a 5 or 6 out of ten.Stretching if done correctly can be a workout in itself so shouldn’t be too intense straight after a high intensity workout and can even be done as a separate session. 

Cold Bath/Shower

Studies have shown taking a cold bath or shower can help reduce inflammation and breakdown of the muscles. Again reducing the amount of time that you take to recover.

Active Recovery/Massage

Having DOMS wont recover by sitting watching TV. Active recovery such as walking, stretching, light movements and technique work are great for getting blood to the muscles to speed up recovery. Also a deep tissue massage does the same thing.


Sleep is where we repair our body, immune system and mind. A good nights sleep will help us repair the damaged muscle tissue and with correct nutrition we will repair stronger. 


Its not complicated to recover properly from a workout. Prepare, eat right, do the right things when it comes to recovery. Most of the tools to recover from training are the same as leading a healthy life



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