Victoria E. M. Joyce

Vikki - Gym Instructor Wrexham IPC

Vicky prides herself on providing athletes, teams, coaches and varied specialists with fast, accurate feedback on fitness levels and injury status in an appropriate context of athletic performance which is important for improvement of athletic development in an individual basis and on a team level. Vicky`s ability to deliver this information and to apply it is important for progression of the athlete and the team. “I pride my ethos of work on Evidence Based Practice (EBP) when working with athletes, therefore providing EBP training variants to optimise performance and to reduce injury rate”.


Vicky has worked with a variety of athletes from several sporting backgrounds. From Olympic gold track and field athletes, to grass route children just on the beginning of their sports involvement. The ethos of her work, throughout her experience with athletes stays consistent.  However, in order to provide an individual application to a periodised program, her ability to build a quick and professional relationship with the athletes and to gain their trust is essential.  “I apply variation to the science in light of the sport and the individual physiological status, providing a unique mixture of EBP, specific sport requirements and individual level and personality traits to achieve training goals and sporting achievements”.


Some of the areas in which Vicky has worked:

Education institutes:

  • Program lead Sports Science and Coaching degree.
  • Taught on MSc Strength and Condition degree.

Fitness centres:

  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) athletes (Olympic and Paralympic)
  • Privet athletes one on one sessions and group run sessions.

Athletic and clubs:

  • GB Sprint and Hurdle team- Lee Valley Athletic Centre/Warm weather training camps.
  • Tottenham Hotspur Ladies Football Club.