Lon Hooson

Pic of Lon Hooson, Olympic Lifting coach at Wrexham MMA gym - IPC

Pic of Olympic Weight Lifting Coach Lon Hooson based in Wrexham IPC
Lon has a varied athletic background including bodybuilding, sprinting for Wrexham and completing marathons. More recently he has been competing in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

Lon provides strength & conditioning to the Wrexham tennis academy and to the local ice hockey side, Deeside Dragons. He works as a sports therapist out of 2 Osteopathic Clinics (Welshpool, Gresford).

Here at IPC he is the lead coach for the weightlifting team (which is registered to Wales Weightlifting Federation) and also provides Sport Massage on site via our fully equipped treatment room.

Athletes attending the weightlifting class are often heard saying “I didn’t know training with a broom handle could be so fatiguing”