Julian Aby

Julian MMA Coach IPC Wrexham

With over 20 year of experience, Julian has trained with some of the most recognised instructors in Martial Arts. As well as working with Carl Lewis, accredited under Larry Hartsill, JKD, Julian has also be able to train with Guru Dan Insanto, Mauricio Gomez and Neil Adams.


Julian has been training and working closely with Erik Paulson in his combat submission organisation (CSW) over in the USA, since 1999. During 2010, whilst at a training camp in USA, Julian was recognised by Erik as a Level 2 CSW Coach. Training within the CSW organisation Julian has experienced training with Greg Nelson, Josh Barnett, and James Wilks (The Ultimate Fighter winner UK vs USA).


Since 2009 Julian has been coaching MMA to a wide variety of people, at all ages, levels and abilities and in 2013 became one of a select few to receive a CSW coach affiliation . Julian is the only official coach in Wales recognised by the CSW affiliation and a dedicated coach to IPC he believes that his professional judgement has supported his students in MMA, to gain a win ratio for the IPC Fight team currently above 90%