Alan Davies

Gym wrexham

Alan is the current WUMA Kickboxing champion and title holder for Wales
In November Alan is due to have his second professional Thai Boxing / Muay Thai fight

Alan has been studying Muay Thai since childhood, throwing his first spinning back-fist at the tender age of 8. After a break away from the sport due to working abroad Alan returned to his home town of Wrexham in 2009. It wasn’t long before Alan was training with two-time World Champion Eugene Valerio and was soon back in the ring under his tutelage.

Alan brings a range of experience to IPC as not only is he a Muay Thai fighter but also is a corner-man and is skilled at wrapping hands. His role as a head chef make him an experienced mentor and a great person to ask for healthy eating tips.
When not training or coaching, Alan can be found researching training techniques and learning more about the origins of Muay Thai.

Alan puts emphasis on technique in his classes whilst ensuring that all levels of ability are catered for. Alan takes great pride in helping individuals to improve and achieve their goals.